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Battery Fuel Awareness Training Courses for Maritime

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Stream Marine Technical leads the way in providing cutting-edge training programs tailored for Battery Fuel Awareness and Maritime Training. Delve into our specialised courses, equipping you with essential skills for handling lithium batteries, vital components in electric vehicles. Navigate the evolving landscape of this dynamic sector with a focus on health and safety hazards, including the crucial ability to safely extinguish lithium battery fires. Our comprehensive training extends across diverse industries where electric vehicles play a pivotal role, spanning from airports to the maritime sector and beyond. Stay ahead in battery fuel expertise with Stream Marine Technical.

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Battery Fuel Awareness Levels and Training for Maritime

1 day

This course gives a broad overview and insight of current battery and fuel cell technology. It covers pivotal areas such as construction, application, safety and hazard/emergency response in this expanding technological field.

1 day

This course gives a broad overview of battery construction and focuses on the techniques, equipment and recommended best practices used in response to an EV battery fire.